Fishing Seasons In Alaska

Know the best time of year for Alaska fishing

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alaska fishing seasons, fishing seasons in AlaskaNot only does Alaska provide some of the best fishing in the world, but the large variety of fish species available makes for a long fishing season. 

Anglers can gear up to fish nearly any time of year depending on the types of fish they're interested in. 

However, there are particular times of year that offer better fishing in terms of variety and abundance of fish.  Fortunately for anglers, these prime Alaska fishing seasons also occur during the most pleasant times to visit. 

For first time fishing tourists, early summer is an ideal season to visit Alaska because it's the best time for king salmon fishing and it's also a good time for halibut fishing.  Early fall, when silver salmon are plentiful, is also a great season for first timers.  Anglers with previous experience in Alaskan fishing can design their trips based on the fishing season for the species that they want to catch.

alaska salmon fishing season, alaska fishing season, fishing seasons in AlaskaAlaskan Fishing Seasons By Fish Species

Rainbow Trout Fishing

Season takes place from late April into June and then from August into early October

Fishing for Halibut

Season runs from late May until early September

Silver Salmon/Coho Salmon Fishing

Season goes from early August through early October

Fishing for King Salmon/Chinook Salmon

Season runs from late May into early July

Steelhead Trout Fishing

Season takes place from late April to June and then from late September to November

Fishing for Red Salmon/Sockeye Salmon

Season goes from middle June into late July  

Additional Considerations For Planning A Fishing Trip To Alaska

Fishermen should keep in mind the amount of daylight available in the different seasons.  Typically, summer months will give the most hours of daylight and therefore are better for trips focused on non-stop fishing.  Also rain and pests should be considered.  In early fall, the climate will be much wetter than in the spring.  The warmest summer months bring dry weather, but also swarms of mosquitoes.  The price for fishing guides and lodges varies by season.  In most cases, peak times mean peak prices.  Some anglers may find that it's cheaper to do their fishing in the early part of the season rather than mid season.  Fishermen can also find Alaska guide books focused on the area where they're visiting to find more specific seasonal information.