Alaska Sport Fishing Species

Get to know the most popular species for Alaska sport fishing

Also see Alaska salmon fishing, Alaska trout fishing and halibut fishing in Alaska  

Alaska sport fishing species, Alaska fish speciesWhen it comes to Alaska sport fishing, the pure abundance of fish ensures that nearly everyone who tries will catch something, the big decision is determining what Alaska sport fishing species to angle for. 

With Alaska's main fishing seasons traditionally taking place from late spring into mid summer and from late summer into mid fall, anglers should adjust the timing of fishing trips based on the species that they want to catch.  

Deciding which fish to go for can be tough, but a few fish species stand apart from the rest.  The most popular species for sport fishing in Alaska include king salmon, red salmon, silver salmon, halibut, rainbow trout and steelhead.  Each year, hordes of anglers flock to Alaska's waters hoping for the chance to catch one of these prized fish.  For these most popular and other cold water fish, Alaska sport fishing is the most plentiful and varied in the world. 

Popular Alaskan Sport Fishing Species

Alaska Halibut Fishing

These deep sea dwellers attract anyone who subscribes to the bigger is better philosophy.  With weights regularly reaching 100 pounds, Alaskan halibut give a new meaning to catching a big one. 

Alaska King Salmon Fishing

The mighty King of Salmon is perhaps the most coveted fish in Alaska.  The largest of Pacific salmon, king salmon are very powerful fighters and will give any angler a tough fight.

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Alaska

Favored by serious anglers, Alaska's big rainbows seem to defy gravity with their airborne acrobatics.  Colorful and graceful, rainbow trout demand respect from anglers. 

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing and Alaska Coho Salmon Fishing

The aggressive Alaska silver salmon, also known as the Alaska coho salmon, has a predatory nature that make them easy for anglers to lure.  Once on the line however, these fish are determined fighters.

Alaska Steelhead Fishing

Large and powerful, streamlined and graceful, Alaskan steelhead trout don't garner the popularity of rainbows, but are in a class of their own as a game fish.  Often found in remote areas, these fish give fishermen the ultimate adventure.

Alaska Red Salmon Fishing

Sometimes shy, always a challenge, red salmon are prone to sharp, fast runs and high leaps.  With rich and flavorful meat, red salmon is the preferred salmon for eating.

The Importance Of Alaska Sport Fishing

Alaska's fish species are key to the livelihood of the state's sport fishing industry.  Sport fishing is endemic to Alaska and is not just a hobby, but is a way of life for residents.  Over half of Alaska's natives fish for sport or personal use.  Many of these residents are an active part of the sport fishing industry, acting as Alaska fishing guides and providing  Alaska fishing and lodging or equipment for fishing tourists.