Sitka Alaska Fishing Guide

Get advice and information on salmon, steelhead and halibut fishing in Sitka Alaska

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Due in part to a unique location along the Inside Passage and fronting the Pacific Ocean, fishing in Sitka Alaska is world class. 

Sport fishermen will find the abundant waters of Sitka well stocked with halibut, steelhead and every type of salmon.  Alaska's biggest recreational saltwater fishery for king salmon is in Sitka as is the one of the biggest fisheries for silver salmon.

The city of Sitka, Alaska encompasses Baranof Island, Yakobi Island and western Chicagof Island.  These three areas add up to a total of 4,710 square miles making Sitka the largest city in the United States. 

There are opportunities for freshwater fishing in Sitka, but most effort is focused on saltwater fishing.  Anglers will find king salmon fishing in Sitka particularly good with 60 to 70 pound fish caught regularly during the season.  The annual Sitka Salmon Derby is of special interest to competitive anglers.    

fishing sitka alaskaSalmon Fishing In Sitka Alaska At The Derby

Each year in late May, the Sitka Salmon Derby takes place.  Angling tourists and local sport fishermen vie for large salmon to win the prize for the biggest fish.  Prize money is awarded to the first, second and third largest fish caught.  The contest is open to all charter boat operators and their clients.

Tourist Fishing In Sitka Alaska

Like in many other coastal cities in Alaska, fishing is important to the livelihood of Sitka.  In fact, the number of fishing guides in Sitka doubled between 1992 and 1998.  On any given day, there are more than 30 fishing charter boats in Sitka, Alaska in operation.  This makes it easy for anglers to enhance their Sitka fishing experience with a seasoned guide.

Weather for fishing in Sitka

The weather in Sitka is mild and comfortable for fishing.  Summer temperatures range from the middle 50's through the upper 60's.  Winter temperatures average from the teens up to the low 40's.  Because Sitka is located in the middle of the Tongass National Forest, a temperate rain forest, the climate is very moist.  Typical rainfall in Sitka reaches 94 inches of rain annually.  Anglers should be prepared with proper rain gear.  

Getting to Sitka

Visitors can get to Sitka by air or marine transit only.  The Alaskan Marine Highway System offers ferry service from Juneau and Ketchikan into Sitka.  Alaska's major air operator, Alaska Airlines offers daily service into Sitka.  Float planes can also be chartered for private tours.  And of course, many fishing tourists come to Sitka on cruise ships and try their hand at Alaska cruise fishing.